By Bryan, Shelene; Chan, Francis [Foreword]

Love, Skip, Jump: Start Living the Adventure of Yes

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400206162
Type: Paperback

Every significant event in the Bible happened because someone said yes to God. Start living the adventure of yes today!

In this whimsical yet inspiring book, Shelene tells thestories of real-life paths God took her on to learn some simple truths thatchanged everything in her life?everything for the better.

By loving how our Creator made us to love; skipping comfort andsafety to help those who can never repay us; and taking a risk to jump into the epic journey God has forour lives, the reality is we are all just one yes away from changing everything. Don?tmiss out on the incredible adventure God has for you. Say yes toGod?love, skip, and jump your way to his plans for you!
Regular price $3.40
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $3.40