By Dokun, Chanel

Life Starts Now: How to Create the Life You'€™ve Been Waiting For

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400231294
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What if you had permission to stop striving and start thriving? Join Certified Life Planner and Relationship Expert Chanel Dokun as she gives you the tools you need to find profound joy and fulfillment in building a new life rooted in your unique purpose.

Women are drowning in pursuit of the "good life." We chase external markers of success--building enviable careers, pursuing romantic relationships, and crafting the picture-perfect life--in attempts to soothe the aching suspicion that there must be more to life. But our efforts only leave us stressed, lonely, and tired of trying to answer the question: "Why isn't this enough?"

Chanel Dokun has been there, too. She spent the first half of her life focusing on achieving and attaining the lifestyle she thought she wanted, but she found herself feeling disappointed, disillusioned, and like she'd lost herself while running after success. She realized that the world's definition of accomplishment was not a true measure of a life well lived, and she needed to redefine success and become the architect of her own life.

Using practical strategies, anecdotes from her work coaching women around the country, and therapeutic examination, Chanel Dokun teaches women how to create the life they've been waiting for, sharing:

  • An in-depth look at why society's definition of significance isn't the answer in our search for more
  • The hidden reason why we're discontent
  • Practical action steps to unlock our genius, find our flair, and discover our unique life purpose
  • The five postures of silence, solitude, generosity, gratitude, and play that can help us move from striving to thriving

Life Starts Now shows us that when we release the search for significance and recover a redemptive view of an ordinary life, we can experience profound joy and fulfillment--and embrace the wild wonder of the lives we've been given.

Praise for Life Starts Now:

"If you are at a crossroads or a tipping point; if you are successful, yet empty; if you feel sad about the way life turned out and need to chart a way forward, look no further. You have found a trustworthy guide in Chanel. She is one of the wisest people I know. Life Starts Now is timely, accessible, and exactly what you need as you evaluate your priorities, pursuits, and purpose. You don't have to suffer in silence or settle for less. You don't have to overwhelm your heart or schedule looking for significance. You can find contentment where you are, on the way to where you are going. This book will help you embrace the truth and create the future you need."

--Ashley Abercrombie, podcast host and bestselling author of Rise of the Truth Teller and Love Is the Resistance

Regular price $4.70
Regular price $18.99 Sale price $4.70