By Falcone, Paul

Leadership Offense: Mastering Appraisal, Performance, and Professional Development (The Paul Falcone Workplace Leadership Series)

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Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership
ISBN: 9781400230044
Type: Paperback


Ready-to-use quick-guide to streamline employee reviews, create effective career development plans, and monitor year-round employee performance.

Paul Falcone, author of 101 Difficult Conversations to Have with Employees and renowned HR and leadership expert, gives you powerful scripts and templates you can apply immediately to your employee reviews and development conversations.

Along with key tactics for appraisal, motivation, and professional and career development, Leadership Offense:

  • Reduces the time it takes to complete employee reviews by offering sample phrases for key performance areas.
  • Gives you the framework and language for concrete and constructive feedback.
  • Hones your ideas for evaluations and development plans with examples of employee behaviors, strengths, and opportunities.

This handy, quick-guide turns a task many managers dread?giving performance reviews?into a positive opportunity to hone your leadership skills and guide your employees to the path for success.

Regular price $5.50
Regular price $12.99 Sale price $5.50