By Thomas Nelson

KJV, Paragraph-style Large Print Thinline Bible, Genuine Leather, Black, Red Letter, Comfort Print: Holy Bible, King James Version

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785290353
Type: leather_bound

This an essential edition in the KJV line because of its unique paragraph-style reading experience.

Perfect for anyone looking for a new way to experience the revered KJV. This edition is published in large KJV Comfort Print type, which was designed exclusively for Thomas Nelson to be the most readable at any size.

The KJV Paragraph-style Large Print Thinline Bible features the timeless beauty of the trustworthy King James Version Bible. While the traditional design of the King James text starts each verse on its own line, this edition improves the reading experience and comprehension by keeping the writers? thoughts together in paragraph format. And with Thomas Nelson?s exclusive KJV Comfort Print?, you?ll enjoy typography designed to be exceptionally easy-to-read and honoring the legacy of the King James Version.

In 1611 the King James Bible was published and authorized by the monarch of England and Scotland. Today, more than 400 years since its initial publication, the KJV is considered one of the most influential and beautiful works of the English language and continues to be the favorite translation for millions of Christians worldwide.

Features include:

  • Bible book introductions provide a concise overview of the background and historical context of the book about to be read
  • Over 22,000 translator notes for a better understanding of translation decisions for particular verses
  • Over 43,000 cross-referenced passages allow you to find related verses quickly and easily
  • Concordance for looking up a word?s occurrences throughout the Bible
  • The Parables of Jesus Christ chart call out important stories Jesus uses to teach important spiritual lessons
  • The Miracles of Jesus Christ chart call out important events during Jesus? earthly ministry
  • Presentation page allows you to personalize this special gift by recording a memory or note
  • Words of Christ in red quickly identify verses spoken by Jesus
  • Reading plan guiding you through the entire Bible in a year
  • 8 pages of full color maps show a visual representation of Israel and other biblical locations for better context
  • Satin Ribbon Markers are a useful tool to easily navigate and keep track of where you were reading
  • Easy-to-read line-matched 10-point KJV Comfort Print
Regular price $47.90
Regular price $89.99 Sale price $47.90