By Heinecke, Liz Lee

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: EDIBLE EDITION: 52 Mouth-Watering Recipes and the Everyday Science That Makes Them Taste Amazing

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Publisher: Quarry Books
ISBN: 9781631597411
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Kitchen Science Lab for Kids, Edible Edition gives you 52 delicious ideas for exploring food science in your own kitchen by making everything from healthy homemade snacks to scrumptious main dishes and mind-boggling desserts.
When you step into your kitchen to cook or bake, you put science to work. Physics and chemistry come into play each time you simmer, steam, bake, freeze, boil, puree, saute, or ferment food. Knowing something about the physics, biology, and chemistry of food will give you the basic tools to be the best chef you can be. The rest is up to you.
The Science Behind the Food section included with each recipe will help you understand the science concepts and nutrition behind the ingredients. You’ll learn that acids like vinegar and lemon juice enhance flavors, how flour and eggs trap steam to make pop-overs pop, and how crystals form in ice cream.
Mix and match the recipes to pair pasta with your favorite sauce, make ice cream to serve in homemade chocolate bowls, or whip up the perfect frosting for your cake. There are plenty of fun, edible decorations included for the art lovers in the crowd. Before long, you’ll have the confidence to throw together a feast, bake and decorate show-worthy cakes, or use what you’ve learned to create your own recipes.
For those with food allergies, all recipes are nut-free and other allergens are clearly labeled throughout.
Let’s get cooking—and learning!

Regular price $7.10
Regular price $24.99 Sale price $7.10