By Cunningham, Christopher A.

Jungle Warfare: A Basic Field Manual for Christians in Sales

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781595551474
Type: Hardcover

&quotPaul admonished all of us to ?fight the good fight.’ In Jungle Warfare, Christopher Cunningham tells us how to not only fight but how to actually win. This book is recommended reading for Christians in the arena of sales.&quot ,Tim Lee, Evangelist, Marine Sergeant from the jungles of Vietnam,

&quotAthletes, salespeople, and Christians, we are called to persevere regardless of what is thrown our way. As a Dallas Cowboy, I learned to tackle that lesson first hand. Chris’s book reminds us there’s no quit in a winner. Read this and you’ll remember you really can ?do all things through Christ who gives you strength.’&quot ,Bill Bates, NFL All-Pro and Pro-Bowl Player, Safety, Dallas Cowboys NFL Champions (Superbowls XXVII, XXVIII, XXX)


Every other sales book promises you great riches, cute techniques, and &quotamazing&quot questions to get your customer to buy from you.

This is not every other sales book.

Commerce and combat join forces in Jungle Warfare. Your enlistment asks for a 22-day tour of duty to explore battle-tested principles that Christopher Cunningham mined from his grandfather’s World War II field manual (stay fit . . . keep your wits . . . know your enemy . . . trust your commander) and culminates with a field-support Q&a addressing thorny questions that all professionals face.

Every day, you walk through a jungle. Pick up this book and you’ll never walk through it alone, again.


Regular price $2.70
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $2.70