By Hammond, Michelle McKinney

Joseph Study Guide with DVD: Waiting on God's Timing, Living in God's Plan (A Living, Loving, and Overcoming Bible Study)

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We all have dreams for how our lives will—or should—turn out. Many times these are dreams that have been impressed on us by God himself. But when will they stop being dreams and turn into reality? When will these dreams be fulfilled? And what do you do in the meantime?

Joseph: Waiting on God’s Timing, Living in God’s Plan is a six-session video-based Bible study examining the life of the biblical character of Joseph, the ultimate dreamer, giving you insight into the power of your choices as you wait on God while pursing your dreams.

As a teenager, Joseph had big dreams, but events seemed to circumvent those dreams and landed him in slavery in Egypt. Through this experience Joseph learned to trust in God’s plan for his life, remain obedient and make wise choices, even when they resulted in a jail sentence! Ultimately, Joseph realized his dreams and was reunited and reconciled with his family and was able to be used by God to save millions of people from starvation.

God has dreams for your life as well. If you wait on God’s perfect timing, make wise and biblical choices, you too, like Joseph, can see your God-given dreams become reality.

This fresh look at Joseph helps you discover new insights and provides a powerful witness to God’s timing and plan for you that will leave you feeling challenged, encouraged, and deeply valued.

Sessions include

Relationship Reveals Your Purpose (17:00)

Your Dream Is Greater Than What You Think (16:00)

Don't Grow Bitter, Grow Better (16:00)

The Process of Refinement (18:00)

The Cost of Righteousness (17:00)

The Key to Promotion (17:00)

This pack contains one study guide and one DVD.

Regular price $30.10
Regular price $36.99 Sale price $30.10