By McKnight, Scot

John: Responding to the Incomparable Story of Jesus (New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series)

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Publisher: HarperChristian Resources
ISBN: 9780310129325
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This series provides individuals, Bible study groups, and churches scholarly insight and practical application for each book of the New Testament to discover what it means to follow Jesus in today?s culture.

Become a daily Bible reader, attentive to the mind of God.

In the New Testament Everyday Bible Study Series, widely respected biblical scholar Scot McKnight reveals the newness and activeness of God's Word as it works in our everyday lives. His unique approach to Bible study combines sound theology with relevant pastoral wisdom. Each volume of this series provides:

  • Original Meaning: Brief, precise expositions of the biblical text and offers a clear focus for the central message of each passage.
  • Fresh Interpretation: Brings the passage alive with fresh images and what it means to follow King Jesus.
  • Practical Application: Biblical connections and questions for reflection and application for each passage.

Ideal for personal reflection or group study, John will help you see God in the biblical context so you can hear from God in your context. John's Gospel highlights how people responded to Jesus in the first century but also showcases responses for readers today: faith that abides in who he is, obeys what he calls us to do, and witnesses about Jesus to the world.

Who Jesus is and who we understand him to be shape how we respond to Jesus and the kind of person we are created to become.

Scot McKnight will walk you and your group through John with Scripture passages (sometimes translated from the original by McKnight himself), reflection questions, pastoral insights, and ideas for putting God's words into action.

Regular price $6.20
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $6.20