By MacArthur, John F.

Jesus Unleashed: A New Vision of the Bold Confrontations of Christ and Why They Matter

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
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Walk through the gospel records of the ?bold confrontations? of Jesus and discover how to use your newfound knowledge of the person of Jesus to defend the biblical truth of the Christian faith.

Do you have any idea who Jesus really is?

?What you think of Jesus Christ will thoroughly color how you think about everything else,? writes John MacArthur. This is a critical truth in the life of every believer. Your view of Jesus affects the way you view God, the world, and every one of your decisions.

These days, Jesus is often portrayed as a pacifist, a philanthropist, or a docile teacher. He strikes a plastic?and sometimes pathetic?pose in the minds of many. Some prefer the meek and mild Jesus who heals the sick, calms fears, and speaks of peace and goodwill. These things do represent a portion of the Messiah. But tragically, too many have never been exposed to the rest of him. They have never seen a full 360-degree view of the Savior. His boldness in the face of confrontation and why that matters. Until now.

Abridged from his classic bestseller, The Jesus You Can?t Ignore, Jesus Unleashed takes a revealing walk through the gospel records. Like an investigative journalist on a mission, author and teacher John MacArthur shows you a remarkable and compelling picture of Jesus unleashed.

Regular price $4.00
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $4.00