By Hall, Nick

Jesus Is the Reset: (10-pk)

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Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 9781601429100
Type: Paperback

Jesus is the Reset is a 64 page booklet sold in packs of 10. Look for the complete book, Reset: Jesus Changes Everything also by Nick Hall.

"Each one of us has given our lives for the very message embodied in these pages, which is that Jesus really does change everything.” –Josh McDowell, Luis Palau, and Ravi Zacharias (from the foreword of Reset: Jesus Changes Everything)
Do you ever wish life had a reset button like your computer does?
Jesus Is the Reset is an invitation to a second chance—a do-over—to get beyond past missteps and failures and present confusion and discontent. Whether your struggle has been with such things as faith, hope, purity, habits, plans, self-image, or relationships, Nick Hall looks to God’s Word to address the traps we fall into and clarify the practical ways we can get out. 
If you’re feeling stuck, it’s time for a reset—so you can embrace life as it was meant to be.


Regular price $6.40
Regular price $19.90 Sale price $6.40