By Lutzer, Erwin W.

Is God on America's Side?: The Surprising Answer and How It Affects Our Future

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Publisher: Moody Publishers
ISBN: 9780802489524
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With typical wisdom and lucidity, Erwin W. Lutzer addresses a question that often arises after disappointing elections or events in our nation: "Is God really on America's side?"

To answer, the reader is carefully led through seven vital principles of a biblical understanding of judgment.

  • God can both bless and curse a nation.
  • God judges nations based on the amount of light and opportunity they are given.
  • God sometimes uses exceedingly evil nations to judge those that are less evil.
  • When God judges a nation, the righteous suffer with the wicked.
  • God's judgments take various forms.
  • In judgment, God's target is often His people, not just the general population.
  • God sometimes reverses intended judgments.
Provocative questions for individual reflection or group discussion complete each chapter of the book. Throughout, Lutzer's insights into how Christians should view government equips them to think "with the Bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other." 
Regular price $3.70
Regular price $6.99 Sale price $3.70