By Ward, Pete

Introducing Practical Theology: Mission, Ministry, and the Life of the Church

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801098192
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This introduction to the field of practical theology reclaims a theological vision for the life and work of the church. Pete Ward dispels the myth that practical theology is a distraction from the "real" tasks of ministry or from serious academic theological work. He argues that practical theology is part of the everyday life of the church and that its location in congregational life provides an orientation and a methodology based on how practitioners pray, witness, act, and live out their faith. Ward challenges the distinction between applied theology and practical theology, thereby reintegrating a doctrinal orientation to the discipline. He argues that there are a variety of possible approaches to practical theology, helping readers evaluate the approach that is most appropriate to their ministerial context and theological tradition. This reliable, accessible resource will work well for those in training or in ministry.
1. Practical Theology as the Ordinary Life of the Church
2. Practical Theology as Faith Seeking Understanding
3. The Gospel and Practical Theology
4. Practical Theology and Lived Theology
5. Practical Theology as a Conversation about Practice and Theology
6. Theological Reflection
7. Practical Theology and Theological Disciplines
8. Practical Theology as a Conversation about Culture
9. Beginning Small-Scale Empirical Research
10. Producing Practical Theology

Regular price $10.90
Regular price $23.00 Sale price $10.90