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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9781540960115
Type: paperback

This introductory textbook establishes theatrical improvisation as a model for Christian ethics, helping Christians embody their faith in the practices of discipleship. Clearly, accessibly, and creatively written, it has been well received as a text for courses in Christian ethics. The repackaged edition has updated language and recent relevant resources, and it includes a new afterword by Wesley Vander Lugt and Benjamin D. Wayman that explores the reception and ongoing significance of the text.
Preface to the 2018 Edition
Part 1: Plowing
1. Ethics as Theology
2. Theology as Narrative
3. Narrative as Drama
4. Drama as Improvisation
Part 2: Planting
5. Forming Habits
6. Assessing Status
7. Accepting and Blocking
8. Questioning Givens
9. Incorporating Gifts
10. Reincorporating the Lost
Part 3: Reaping
11. A Threatening Offer: Human Evil
12. A Threatening Offer: Flawed Creation
13. A Promising Offer: Perfectible Bodies
14. A Promising Offer: Unlimited Food
Afterword Wesley Vander Lugt and Benjamin D. Wayman

Regular price $18.80
Regular price $27.00 Sale price $18.80