By Ivey, Jamie

If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free

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Publisher: B&H Books
ISBN: 9781462749720
Type: Hardcover

What if you knew all the moments of my past that I am not proud of? What if you really knew me, the messy parts that I’ve hoped to forget and worked hard to conceal? For so long, my greatest fear was what you might think of me if you only knew the whole story.
It’s exhausting, this guarding of our stories and struggles. Fear of being found out had caused me to hide—but I wasn’t just covering my flaws, I was unintentionally blocking the beauty of God’s grace. My journey to real freedom began when I quit running from my mess and started trusting Jesus to make something beautiful of it.
This book is that story. It’s stepping out of shame and insecurity into gospel freedom. It’s letting God turn our failures and frailties into testimonies of His faithfulness. I’ve discovered that when we quit hiding, God gets the glory and we are able to fully embrace not only our relationship with Him, but also with one another.
Transparency brings freedom, and in every moment, we'll find that God can absolutely be trusted.

Regular price $7.10
Regular price $17.99 Sale price $7.10