By Stetina, Karin Spiecker

How to Read Theology for All Its Worth Video Lectures: An Introduction for the Beginner

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Publisher: Zondervan Academic
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Too many Christians avoid reading theology for fear they won't understand it or out of a misconception that it's only meant for the academic elite. Similarly, students in introductory theology classes can feel overwhelmed by the concepts and terminology they encounter.

Yet theology can be read with enjoyment and discernment. In How to Read Theology for All Its Worth Video Lectures, professor and author Karin Stetina introduces students to the basic skills of intelligent reading, applied especially to theological works. Anyone who'd like to read theology well, whether a formal student or interested layperson, will benefit from the simple steps Stetina outlines in each lesson.

Steps include:

  • Identifying genre
  • Becoming acquainted with the author and the context out of which he or she wrote
  • Determining a thesis and main arguments
  • And more

How to Read Theology for All Its Worth Video Lectures, along with the accompanying book, How to Read Theology for All Its Worth, will equip learners not only to understand theology but also to insightfully engage authors' ideas. With the basic tools in hand, everyone can read with confidence and enjoy "conversations" with theological works.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Introduction: Becoming a Student of Theology (19 min)

2 - Overview: Getting Acquainted with the Tools of the Discerning Reader (10 min)

3 - Preparing for Reading Theology for All Its Worth: Being Steeped in Prayer and Scripture (17 min)

4 - First Steps: Examining Textual Features and Publication Information (21 min)

5 - Identifying the Context: Getting Better Acquainted with the Theologian (14 min)

6 - Discerning Theological Frameworks: Identifying the Theme of the Work and How It Is Conveyed (30 min)

7 - Discovering the Sources: Identifying the Foundations of a Work (24 min)

8 - Discerning the Theologian's View: Listening for the Main Contention, Key Points, and Key Terms (15 min)

9 - Assessing: Evaluating and Applying the Theological Work (21 min)

10 - Practical Application: Equipping Others to Read Theology for All Its Worth (17 min)

11 - Practical Application: How to Dialogue with a Theological Work (6 min)

12 - Practical Application: Theological Discussion Questions on Cyprian's On the Unity of the Church (4 min)

Regular price $12.60
Regular price $59.99 Sale price $12.60