By Shellenberger, Susie

How to Help Your Hurting Friend: Advice For Showing Love When Things Get Tough

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Publisher: Zondervan/Youth Specialties
ISBN: 9780310731177
Type: Paperback

No issue is taboo for How to Help Your Hurting Friend, a frank and valuable handbook of practical advice for today?s teenage girls.

Previously published as Help! My Friend Is Hurting Susie Shellenberger?author and teen advocate?addresses the most vital, personal, and life-challenging issues in young women?s lives. Presented in handbook form, this biblically-based, relevant, and contemporary-focused book empowers girls to salvage and maybe even save the lives of friends. She addresses such things as self-cutting and sexual abuse in a no-nonsense way and no advice is ever vague. This classic book for teenage girls distills the wisdom of the Bible and combines it with the wisdom of many experienced and anointed counselors.

How to Help Your Hurting Friend:

  • This is a reissued edition of Help! My Friend Is Hurting.
  • Has a new format including sidebars and intriguing illustrations.
  • Is a great resource for teens, young adults, and parents alike
  • Includes commentary on today?s challenges, advice, and a section of letters to the author with helpful, relevant responses.
Regular price $3.40
Regular price $9.99 Sale price $3.40