By Hunt, June

How to Deal with Difficult Relationships: Bridging the Gaps That Separate People (Counseling Through the Bible Series)

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736928168
Type: Paperback

Every person is affected daily by countless relationships of one kind or another. Some are enjoyable and encouraging, while others drag us down and hurt us. What can we do to make the best of the difficult relationships and resolve the problems that arise in them?
In How to Deal with Difficult Relationships, June Hunt looks at the characteristics and causes of problem relationships as well as the solutions that can bring hope, peace, and restoration. With wisdom and compassion she explores what Scripture says about the following key issues:
conflict resolution
a critical spirit
This newest addition to June Hunt’s popular Counseling Through the Bible Series maintains the exceptionally high standard of biblical and practical excellence that June is known for. Readers will find themselves powerfully encouraged as they seek the path toward harmony, better communication, and Christ-centered solutions in their problem relationships.

Regular price $7.30
Regular price $15.99 Sale price $7.30