By Kimball, Dan

How (Not) to Read the Bible Study Guide (No streaming code)

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Publisher: HarperChristian Resources
ISBN: 9780310148616
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Bestselling author Dan Kimball guides participants step-by-step in how to make sense of the most misunderstood, difficult, and disturbing passages in the Bible

In this six-session video study (video streaming code included) bestselling author Dan Kimball guides you step-by-step through making sense of the most misunderstood, difficult, and disturbing Bible passages.

This study guide has everything you need for a full Bible study experience, including:

  • The study guide itself?with discussion and reflection questions, video notes, and a leader's guide.
  • An individual access code to stream all six video sessions online (you don't need to buy a DVD!).

For centuries, the Bible was called "the Good Book," a moral and religious text that guides us into a relationship with God and shows us the right way to live. Today, however, some people argue the Bible is outdated and harmful, with many Christians unaware of some of the odd and disturbing things the Bible says or how to understand them.

Whether you're a Christian, a doubter, or someone exploring the Bible for the first time, Dan Kimball is your guide to understanding and contextualizing passages in Scripture that seem backward on topics related to women, science, violence, slavery, and world religions.

Filled with stories, visual illustrations, and memes reflecting popular cultural objections, How (Not) to Read the Bible is a lifeline for individuals who are confused or discouraged with questions about the Bible.

Sessions include:

  1. Never Read a Bible Verse
  2. Stranger Things
  3. Boys' Club Christianity
  4. Jesus Riding a Dinosaur
  5. My God Can Beat Up Your God
  6. Rated NC-17

This study can be done in youth groups, single's groups, small groups, Sunday classes, and by individuals.

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Regular price $10.70
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $10.70