By Rasmussen, Jamie

How Joyful People Think

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The secret to getting the most out of life is within your reach
Two people can face the same type of adversity and have two vastly different reactions, even when they have the same background and worldview. What makes the difference? Perspective--the way they think about things. Right thinking matters, and thankfully it's something we all can learn to do.
In this insightful unpacking of Philippians 4:8, pastor Jamie Rasmussen shows you how to focus your thoughts and attention on the things in life God has declared will make a meaningful impact on both your outlook and experience. It's the kind of thinking that has the power to change us, pointing us away from self-pity, anger, and resentment toward contentment and personal peace.
"I finished my reading of this book more aware that God is wonderfully helpful in ways that matter--that he is faithfully reliable, always committed to doing me good, and leading me in his sometimes inscrutable fashion toward everything I was created to enjoy."--from the foreword by Dr. Larry Crabb, author of A Different Kind of Happiness
"Peace is a lot to expect from reading a book. But it's here--a livable, biblical path laid out in a single verse that Jamie Rasmussen masterfully shows can help us settle for nothing less than genuine peace and joy."-- John Trent, PhD, Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy, Moody Theological Seminary;president of;author of The Blessing and The Language of Love
"Jamie Rasmussen unpacks the meaning of eight seemingly abstract biblical words that the Bible uses to recalibrate our instinctive, habitual patterns of thought. Everyone who reads this book will be challenged to think in more God-centered, Christ-like, Spirit-empowered ways!"-- Wayne Grudem, PhD, research professor of theology and biblical studies, Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale, AZ
Jamie Rasmussen (MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the senior pastor of Scottsdale Bible Church, which is regularly listed on Outreach magazine's Top 100 list in both size and speed of growth for the past ten years. He has been an ordained pastor for more than twenty-five years and lives in Arizona.

Regular price $6.50
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