By Annunziato, Eve; Brewster, Jackie

Hearing God Speak: A 52-Week Interactive Enneagram Devotional

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Publisher: Ink & Willow
ISBN: 9780593232699
Type: paperback

Combining the Enneagram system with biblical truth, this interactive, yearlong devotional helps you better understand yourself and other people while guiding you toward a deeper relationship with Christ.

This weekly, interactive guide helps you explore how your heavenly Father is speaking to you as you listen to Him in your Enneagram language. Learn to identify patterns of behavior that drive your decisions and uncover your deepest thoughts, unconscious motivations, and personality traits.

Hearing God Speak addresses each Enneagram type with weekly disciplines, meditations, interactive responses, and contemplations. Once you understand how you are wired, you can engage with God and His Word in a fresh way, bringing you profound knowledge of His truth. Features include:

  • beautifully designed, full-color pages
  • multiple interactive elements each week
  • seven weekly actions and prompts for meditation, prayer, reflection, response, and gratitude
  • a lesson and action step for each Enneagram type

  • Hearing God Speak is a mentor and friend in book form. No matter your Enneagram number, this devotional experience is about learning to hear God as He communicates directly and uniquely to you.
    Regular price $17.10
    Regular price $25.00 Sale price $17.10