By Jones, Christopher Ryan; Hirt, Katharina

Handbook of Reading Theological German

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Publisher: Zondervan Academic
ISBN: 9780310119388
Type: Paperback

A cutting-edge, accessible grammar to help student learn theological German on their own or in the classroom.

Handbook of Reading Theological German is the premier resource for equipping those interested in reading and translating original German source materials and preparing academics for German comprehension examination. The book is ideal for students in biblical studies, church history, Jewish studies, and theology.

Coauthored by Katharina Hirt, a native German speaker and professional linguist, and Christopher Ryan Jones, a native English speaker and doctoral candidate in biblical studies, this collaboration draws on the latest developments in linguistics to present a cutting-edge teaching methodology for graduate students learning to read German for research.

Attuned to the specific needs of English speakers learning German, this handbook is well suited for independent study or for use in the classroom. Providing abundant exercises and readings, Jones and Hirt's work provides an excellent entry point for students required to learn theological German.

Handbook of Reading Theological German provides:

  • An introduction to German grammar
  • A demonstration of the role that German theology has had in the development of modern Jewish and Christian practices
  • Guided readings and biographies of six major German theologians and philosophers
  • Further, advanced readings with minimal guidance from contemporary authors in the areas of Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Jewish studies, church history, and theology, so that students can focus on literature from their chosen field of study
Regular price $12.10
Regular price $44.99 Sale price $12.10