By McMinn, Lisa Graham

Growing Strong Daughters, rev. ed. by McMinn, Lisa Graham

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Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801067990
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How can you help shape your daughter to be confident and gracious, empowered to become the woman she was meant to be?
Today women enjoy more opportunities than in any previous century. Yet they are still pressured to be beautiful, thin, and sexy. In this sort of environment, our daughters get mixed messages about what a strong woman really is. How can we work to create a social environment that nurtures strong, confident girls?
This helpful book is filled with strategies and personal insights to guide you in growing a strong, capable daughter. McMinn discusses topics such as how you can teach your daughter to:
be confident as well as interdependent
feel confident in her ability to think and speak for herself
have a healthy perspective toward her body and sexuality
develop strong relationships with boys, both parents, and a future mate
McMinn thoughtfully examines these issues, reminding us of our God-given responsibilities to "grow" the next generation of women. Her personal insight, life experience, and careful research combine to make this book helpful for all who are involved in raising and nurturing girls--whether parents, teachers, church leaders, or civic communities. This revised edition includes a new preface, study questions, and updated studies, illustrations, and concepts.

Regular price $2.80
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $2.80