By MacDonald, Gordon

Going Deep: Becoming A Person of Influence

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785226086
Type: Paperback

Jump into the Deep End

What is a deep person? If you?d like to become one, would you know how? Would you like to help others become deep? If so, you have come to the right place.

In this fascinating book, best-selling author Gordon MacDonald discovers that his small New England church could be headed for trouble. Why? Because of a serious shortage. There are plenty of good people, well-meaning people, sincere people?but not enough deep people.

In his celebrated and engaging style, Gordon transports you back to the fictional setting from his critically acclaimed book, Who Stole My Church? He identifies the crucial missing component in his community: people of true depth, people of real influence. And he offers unforgettable insights on how to cultivate spiritual maturity and exhibit life-altering faith.

As it turns out in Gordon?s town?and probably yours?what?s needed is people who are willing to seek Christ passionately with a hunger to go deep. This may be exactly what you?ve been looking for.

Regular price $2.70
Regular price $15.99 Sale price $2.70