By Hamon, Dr. Bill; Pierce, Chuck [Foreword]

God's Weapons of War: Arming the Church to Destroy the Kingdom of Darkness

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God wants His Kingdom established here on earth. To do so, He needs an army.
Speaking with the keen insight of a frontline prophet, Dr. Bill Hamon issues a call to arms for the Church. As he outlines the challenges facing God's people in these last days, Dr. Hamon explains that the fight is intensifying for every warrior. The time has come for believers to multiply our effectiveness through corporate spiritual warfare as we co-labor with Christ to destroy the works of the devil.
To help you stand with God's vast and mighty end-time army, Dr. Hamon answers questions such as:
· How do I fight alongside other believers?
· Do corporate prophetic acts, such as shouting, work?
· Can believers really access an "open heaven"?
· And much more!
Prophetic Scriptures concerning God's end-time army are being fulfilled around the globe. We will soon see more manifestations of His power and glory than ever recorded in Church history. But this is a battle we must fight together, says Dr. Hamon. Take your place with other believers in the final purposes for God's Church!
"This book will challenge and encourage you to know what God is saying to the Church today. Bishop Hamon's insights on spiritual warfare will equip us not only to fight battles but to win!" --CINDY JACOBS, president and co-founder, Generals International
"Too often, in the war between the kingdoms of darkness and light, the Church loses by default. We must arm ourselves and engage the enemy in this war. I know of no one better equipped to teach on how to do so than Dr. Bill Hamon." --DUTCH SHEETS, president, Dutch Sheets Ministries
Bishop Bill Hamon is the founder of Christian International Ministry Network. A prophet for over 60 years, he has prophesied to more than 50,000 people and provided training for more than 250,000 in prophetic ministry. He has authored several major books, specializing in the restoration of the Church and what to expect next on God's agenda. Find out more at

Regular price $3.90
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $3.90