By Jeremiah, David

God Loves You: He Always Has--He Always Will

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Publisher: FaithWords
ISBN: 9780446565981
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That God loves us is the most profound truth in the universe. Experiencing this love has the potential to answer every question, solve every problem, and satisfy the deepest yearnings of the heart. So why are many people who believe this still unable to fully utilize the power of God's love in their personal lives?

In this probing book, Dr. David Jeremiah reveals that not fully understanding and appreciating every critical dimension of God's love can lead to missed opportunities to experience His love. He explains how even the so-called negative dimension of God's actions--hell, prohibitive commandments, pain and suffering in the world--can only be rightly understood by viewing them in light of God's true love.

GOD LOVES YOU will enable readers to know God in a way that will consciously connect them with the healing power of His grace so they can experience the life of love they were created to enjoy.

Regular price $7.50
Regular price $15.00 Sale price $7.50