By Nietert, Michelle; Fortner, Tama

God, I Feel Sad: Bringing Big Emotions to a Bigger God

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Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 9780310140849
Type: hardcover

Kids have big feelings, but none of their feelings are too big for God. In this picture book from licensed?counselor?Michelle Nietert and Tama Fortner, young readers will explore what it means to feel their sadness and discover how to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

Sad is a feeling that can be hard, but if we listen to it, we can learn things about ourselves. In God, I Feel Sad, kids discover that it?s okay to be sad and that God is in all things, including sadness. With simple, accessible text, sad becomes an emotion that kids don?t need to avoid and instead something they can use to grow closer to God. The bright, emotive art by Nomar Perez will draw kids in, and a note in the back provides tips and techniques parents and caregivers can use to help young children process their feelings in a beneficial way.

God, I Feel Sad teaches kids ages 4 to 8 how to:

  • Identify the feeling of sadness
  • See signs of sadness in others
  • Recognize things that can make them feel sad
  • Embrace sadness without letting it overwhelm them
  • Talk to God about their feelings

God, I Feel Sad is perfect for:

  • Helping young kids develop positive ways to manage and name their feelings
  • Children dealing with changing emotions, new experiences, or loss
  • Family read-aloud time
  • Supporting good communication and mental health habits at an early age
Regular price $9.20
Regular price $12.99 Sale price $9.20