By King, Roberta R.; Labberton, Mark [Foreword]; Sunquist, Scott [Series Editor]; Yong, Amos [Series Editor];

Global Arts and Christian Witness: Exegeting Culture, Translating the Message, and Communicating Christ (Mission in Global Community)

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801098857
Type: Paperback

In this latest volume in the award-winning Mission in Global Community series, veteran missionary-scholar Roberta King draws on a lifetime of study and firsthand mission experience to show how witness through contextualized global arts can dynamically reveal Christ to all peoples. King offers the global church biblical foundations, historical pathways, theoretical frameworks, and effective practices for communicating Christ through the arts in diverse contexts.
Supplemented with stories from the field, illustrations, and discussion questions, this textbook offers innovative and dynamic approaches essential for doing mission in transformative ways through the arts in diverse contexts around the world. It also features a full-color insert of artwork discussed in the book. Global Arts and Christian Witness is a must read for all those involved with or interested in mission, especially professors and students for use in mission, intercultural studies, and evangelism courses as well as missionaries and church leaders. It will also be of interest to musicians and artists who want to know how they can engage in mission.
About the Series
The Mission in Global Community series reframes missiological themes and studies for students under the common rubric of mission as partnership with Christians throughout the global community. Series authors draw upon their own global experiences and those of their global colleagues to illumine present realities and chart a course into the future. Series editors are Scott W. Sunquist, president of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and former dean of the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary, and Amos Yong, director of the Center for Missiological Research and professor of theology and mission at Fuller Theological Seminary.
Foreword by Mark Labberton
Prelude: My Art, God's Mission?
Part 1: Foundations in Global Arts and Christ-Centered Witness
1. Negotiating Faith and Culture
2. Communicating Christ through Global Arts
Part 2: Encountering Christ through Global Arts
3. Exegeting Cultures through Global Arts
4. Translating the Message via Global Arts
5. Theologizing with Global Arts
Part 3: Engaging Peoples for Christ via Global Arts
6. Contextualizing the Gospel in Daily Life via Global Arts
7. Telling God's Story among Oral and Postliterate Peoples
8. Global Arts in Peacebuilding and Interfaith Dialogue
9. Appropriating Global Arts in Multicultural Settings
Postlude: Revealing God's Glory and Salvation via Global Arts

Regular price $13.10
Regular price $26.99 Sale price $13.10