By Clark, Kristen; Baird, Bethany

Girl Defined: God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity

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Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 9780801008450
Type: Paperback

What is God's design for women?
In a culture where airbrushed models and ultra-driven career women define beauty and success, it's no wonder we have a distorted view of femininity. Girl Defined offers a distinctly God-centered view of beauty, femininity, and self-worth. Based firmly in God's design for our lives, this book invites us on a liberating journey toward a radically better vision for femininity--one that ends with the kind of hope, purpose, and fulfillment we've been yearning for.
"Radical. Compelling. Timeless. Timely. Powerful. Beautiful. Kristen and Bethany's vision for what it means to be a woman is all this and more!"-- Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, bestselling author and Revive Our Hearts teacher and host
"This message is one every girl needs. Who doesn't wonder if they are 'enough'? This book will redefine what it means to be a girl." --Dannah Gresh, bestselling author of And the Bride Wore White
"In a day when women are confused about their value and identity, they desperately need to know that the only one who can define them is the One who created them! This book is a timely and needed read for women of all ages!"-- Marian Jordan Ellis, founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries and author of Sex and the Single Christian Girl
Kristen Clark and Bethany Beal are sisters, lifelong friends, and the founders of GirlDefined Ministries. These Texas gals are passionate about God's beautiful design for womanhood and love sharing this message through blogging, speaking, and mentoring young women.

Regular price $6.60
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $6.60