By Larimore, Walt; Bishop, Phillip

Fit over 50: Make Simple Choices Today for a Healthier, Happier You

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Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 9780736977753
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Health, Fitness, and Weight Loss Advice You Can Trust
To stay fit after 50, you don’t need to be an expert on health. You need essential, practical, and accurate information from people who are experts. Doctors Walt Larimore and Phillip Bishop want to give you truthful and trustworthy advice to help you separate fact from wishful thinking and to identify misconceptions when you see them.
Take control of your overall well-being with tips to help improve your health in four key areas:
Physical — learn proven principles for effective weight loss, exercise, and nutrition
Emotional — keep your mind sharp and better manage your emotions
Relational — stay connected to others and build a stronger sense of community
Spiritual — improve your relationship with God When you apply these easy-to-follow and scientifically sound strategies, you’ll reap the many benefits of living well and staying healthy.

Regular price $8.40
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $8.40