By McFadden, Kevin

Faith in the Son of God: The Place of Christ-Oriented Faith within Pauline Theology

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A Study of ?Faith in Christ? in Pauline Theology

Over the last fifty years, the apostle Paul?s theology has come under immense critical examination. One important issue prompted by recent scholarship is the correct translation of the Greek phrase pistis Christou as ?faith in Jesus Christ? (Galatians 2:16). Many English-speaking scholars now interpret this Greek phrase as the ?faithfulness of Jesus Christ.? This new translation is bound up with the theological argument that we are not justified by our own faith but by the faithfulness of Christ.

Kevin McFadden argues that faith in Christ is a proximate cause of salvation that accords with grace. Not only is this treatment a helpful introduction to the pistis Christou debate, but it also demonstrates the central role of faith in salvation as the church brings the gospel to the world.

Regular price $8.70
Regular price $26.99 Sale price $8.70