By Kinser, Dixon

Exploring Blue LIke Jazz Resource Guide

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781418549534
Type: Paperback

Growing up is harder than it used to be.

Exploring Blue Like Jazz is a guide about how to do life and faith well in the phase after high school that some have termed “emerging adulthood.” It’s a book intended to make growing up a little easier.

Using the topics, themes, and questions addressed in Blue Like Jazz: The Movie as a means of starting the conversation, Donald Miller and Dixon Kinser offer an extremely frank look at sex, drugs, questions of faith, and other topics students face when moving from high school to the freedom of college, a work environment, and beyond.

This very candid resource guide is the first of its kind, providing practical help for emerging adults, youth directors, mentors, and parents.

Features include

Complete index of subjects addressed in the video, with useful statistics, conversation starters, and critical questions for emerging adults to consider

A plan for students and twenty-somethings to manage their new-found freedom

5-week study for youth leaders and small groups to help emerging adults work through these issues

For use on its own or with the Exploring Blue Like Jazz DVD-Based Study (ISBN 9781418549510).

Regular price $2.90
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $2.90