By Lawler, Kara

Everywhere Holy: Seeing Beauty, Remembering Your Identity, and Finding God Right Where You Are

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400211630
Type: Paperback

?Readers who are dealing with depression, parenting struggles, questions of identity and self-image, or who simply find it hard to bring prayer into their chaotic life will find welcome encouragement in Lawler?s rejuvenating words.? ? Publishers Weekly

Popular writer and blogger Kara Lawler shows women how to embrace the sacred in mundane, ordinary life--and in the process, discover themselves.

Life doesn't have to be lived on grand mountaintops for it to be meaningful. We can see God at work right where we are: in our ordinary and mundane routines, in the faces of our family and friends, and--especially--in nature.

Kara Lawler speaks to the hearts of those who find themselves lost in the midst of their chaotic schedules and weary attempts to be all that is expected of them. Everywhere Holy addresses our deepest struggles, including:

  • How to feel joy, despite depression and anxiety
  • Dealing with hardships and understanding unconditional love
  • How to view life as an adventure, even when that feels too hard
  • How to feel more connected, more grateful, and more at peace

In beautiful prose, Lawler describes the unique sacredness found in God's creation and offers fifteen inspiring insights for cultivating it day-to-day. She encourages you to make this lifestyle change through the observance of small acts. In so doing, you will discover a holy space that honors God and the life you?ve been given--and will discover yourself and your unique place in the holy that is everywhere, whether it?s in the woods behind your house or in the face of a stranger on a bus in a busy city. No matter where you are, there is holy free for the taking.

Regular price $6.70
Regular price $17.99 Sale price $6.70