By Vanhoozer, Kevin J. [Editor]; Anderson, Charles A. [Editor]; Sleasman, Michael J. [Editor];

Everyday Theology: How to Read Cultural Texts and Interpret Trends (Cultural Exegesis)

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801031670
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"[A] very worthwhile publication that should be welcomed by scholar and thoughtful layman alike.... This book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to gain the skills in reading and interpreting culture. Almost as a windfall, it also provides valuable insights into particular texts and trends."--Ray Lubeck, Cultural Encounters
Generally speaking, students, theologians, pastors, and church leaders are well-trained in the task of biblical exegesis. Where many fall short, however, is in the area of cultural exegesis--reading and interpreting the texts and trends produced by our culture, which can have a profound influence on the way we understand the world and practice our faith. Anyone interested in the intersection of Christianity and culture needs to be able to do "everyday theology," that is, to think theologically about our cultural environment and pass it through the grid of Scripture, in order to respond faithfully as Christian disciples.
Everyday Theology is the first volume in the new Cultural Exegesis series. With an emphasis on both methodology and case study, it is well-suited for seminary classroom use. A significant introduction by Vanhoozer lays out the hermeneutical method for engaging with culture. This is followed by a series of essays that engage cultural texts and trends, from the music of Eminem to the grocery store checkout lane to the phenomenon of Internet blogs. A concluding chapter walks the reader step-by-step through the interpretation process with an additional case study.
About the Series: The Cultural Exegesis series provides methodological and foundational studies that address the way to engage culture theologically. Each volume works within a specific cultural discipline, illustrating and embodying the theory behind cultural engagement. By providing the appropriate tools, these books equip the reader to engage and interpret the surrounding culture responsibly.

Regular price $15.70
Regular price $30.00 Sale price $15.70