By Stone, Bryan

Evangelism after Pluralism: The Ethics of Christian Witness

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801099793
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What does it mean to evangelize ethically in a multicultural country? Following his successful Evangelism after Christendom, Bryan Stone addresses reasons evangelism often fails and explains how it can become distorted as a Christian practice when it is narrated and constructed in the context of empire, the nation-state and its military, and consumer culture. Stone urges readers to consider a new approach, arguing for evangelism as a work of imagination and a witness to beauty rather than a crass effort to compete for converts in pluralistic contexts. He shows that how we embody the life of Christ in our own lives is the most compelling form of evangelism in today's rapidly changing world.
1. Competing for Space in the World
2. On Ethics, Evangelism, and Proselytism
3. Evangelism, Empire, and Rival Citizenships
4. The Ecclesiality of Salvation
5. Evangelism and Pluralism in the Nation-State and Military
6. Evangelism and Nonviolence
7. The Pluralism of Consumer Culture
8. Evangelism and Pluralistic Theologies of Religion
9. Evangelism and Beauty
Epilogue: The Meaninglessness of Apologetics

Regular price $9.60
Regular price $21.99 Sale price $9.60