By Gallagher, Robert L.; Terry, John Mark; Moreau, A. [Series Editor]

Encountering the History of Missions: From the Early Church to Today (Encountering Mission)

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801026966
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This new addition to a highly acclaimed series portrays the sweep of missions history, revealing how God has fulfilled his promise to bless all the nations. Two leading missionary scholars and experienced professors help readers understand how missions began, how missions developed, and where missions is going. The authors cover all of missions history and provide practical application of history's lessons. Maps, tables, box inserts, sidebars, and discussion questions add to the book's usefulness in the classroom.
1. Missions in the Early Church
2. Encountering Church of the East Missions
3. Encountering Celtic Missions
4. Encountering Orthodox Missions
5. Encountering Dominican and Franciscan Missions
6. Encountering Medieval Renewal Missions
7. Encountering Reformation Missions
8. Encountering Jesuit Missions
9. Encountering Pietist Missions
10. Encountering Moravian Missions
11. Encountering Methodist Missions
12. The Great Century of Protestant Missions, Part I
13. The Great Century, Part II
14. The Twentieth Century
15. Missionary Councils and Congresses
16. Specialized Missions
17. The Church Growth Movement
18. In Retrospect and Prospect
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Regular price $12.60
Regular price $34.00 Sale price $12.60