By Beyer, Bryan E.

Encountering the Book of Isaiah: A Historical And Theological Survey (Encountering Biblical Studies)

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801026454
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"Beyer does an excellent job of helping the modern reader apply lessons learned from Isaiah to life.... A splendid choice as a textbook for undergraduate or seminary students who have completed some survey of the OT."--Lee M. Fields, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
In this new addition to the Encountering Biblical Studies series, Bryan Beyer offers a comprehensive introduction to the book of Isaiah that surveys the book's content, its meaning in its original context, and its application for people today. Beyer presents the prophet's recurring themes of remnant, the sovereignty of God, the Day of the Lord, covenant obligations, Messiah, and God and the nations. He gives special attention to Isaiah's use of geographical issues to illustrate his message, Isaiah's place in the canon of Scripture, and the implications of the book for mission.
Beyer has provided a clear and readable text based on his experience of teaching the Old Testament for over twenty years. As with other volumes in the series, Encountering the Book of Isaiah is specifically designed with students in mind. Chapters begin with outlines and objectives that allow easy entry into the discussion and end with conclusions and study questions that aid comprehension and recall. Informative sidebars delve further into the language, theological connections, and controversies of Isaiah. This helpful survey will be valued by any serious student of the Bible.

Regular price $20.60
Regular price $32.00 Sale price $20.60