By Gustine, Adam; Humphreys, Jose

Ecosystems of Jubilee: Economic Ethics for the Neighborhood

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Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 9780310133537
Type: paperback

A practical, accessible field guide to enacting justice in our communities by adapting the biblical practices of gleaning, sabbath, and jubilee.

A beautiful reflection on the rhythm of God's justice and a call to engage with that rhythm in a way that takes us back toward healing, wholeness, and restoration.

God gave Israel the Year of Jubilee as a social reset. Taken together with Sabbath laws and gleaning laws (laws dealt with the harvest season), it was a way to celebrate God's gifts and put the pieces of a broken society back together again. These Old Testament economic ethics were highly practical laws with a theological vision that, if enacted, would set Israel apart as a just society in the midst of a cruel, greedy, and unjust world?not unlike our present day.

In Ecosystems of Jubilee, Jos? Humphreys and Adam Gustine take a close look at the economic ethics and practices of the Old Testament, their fulfillment in Jesus, and their application for justice and ethics today.

This book will not only motivate you to embrace a serious commitment to economic development as a way of seeking justice?it will teach you how to apply these principles in your own neighborhood.

For those looking to enact God's vision for justice, Ecosystems of Jubilee:

  • Explores the foundational elements of God's vision for economics and justice.
  • Unpacks the Old Testament economic laws related to gleaning, Sabbath, and Jubilee.
  • Imagines what it might mean to embody the values and practices of this economic ethical framework today at the neighborhood level.

This book allows you to envision ways of building a more just world, starting in your own neighborhood.

Regular price $10.90
Regular price $19.99 Sale price $10.90