By Hull, Bill; van der Riet, Renaut [Foreword]

Disciple-Making Church, The: Leading a Body of Believers on the Journey of Faith

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Every Christian is called to make disciples
Often there is so much focus in our churches on the first part of Christ's Great Commission--evangelism--that the second part is omitted. The omission is not the preaching of Christ or the importance of world mission;it is the teaching of others on what it means to be an apprentice of Jesus. The sad result is generations of believers trying to be different from the world and not understanding why they aren't.
In this update of his groundbreaking book, Bill Hull explains why disciple making must be the focus of the church and shows us our part in making it happen. With practical examples drawn from vast ministry experience, Hull helps the church deepen and enrich the lives of believers as they learn to truly follow Christ.

Regular price $8.90
Regular price $20.00 Sale price $8.90