By Vallotton, Kris; Lisa Bevere [Foreword]

Destined To Win: How to Embrace Your God-Given Identity and Realize Your Kingdom Purpose

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780718080648
Type: Paperback

Pastor and cofounder of the Bethel School of Ministry Kris Vallotton walks Christians through the profound process of discovering their true identity and experiencing the wonder of their kingdom purposes.

Christians are often told that they were born with a purpose that reaches beyond their human strivings, but most are not sure how to break past the daily struggles holding them back, much less how to fully step into their callings.

As a pastor and the cofounder of the Bethel School of Ministry, Kris Vallotton has been teaching Christians all over the world how to walk in wholeness and purpose for more than seventeen years. In Destined to Win, he passes on the lessons that will help readers discover who they really are, overcome destructive behaviors, and become equipped for their kingdom purposes.

Confronting the challenges that limit Christians?such as living shackled by past pain, fear, and unforgiveness?Vallotton offers practical solutions to the of?ten-complex problems that undermine their destinies and derail their pur?poses. With personal stories and biblical teaching, Destined to Win combines practical wisdom and profound revelation to unlock the latent potential present in each person.

Regular price $7.10
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $7.10