By Gibson, Laurieann; Dagostino, Mark [Primary Contributor]

Dance Your Dance: 8 Steps to Unleash Your Passion and Live Your Dream

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785234302
Type: Hardcover

A-list choreographer Laurieann Gibson guides creators of all kinds to embrace their passions and achieve success, providing a practical road map to never giving up on your dream.

Have you felt stuck like you?re just running in place, fearful of taking the next step? World-renowned Emmy-nominated choreographer and creative visionary Laurieann Gibson shares personal stories from her 20+ career in entertainment, words of encouragement, and practical advice to help you reach your full potential.

Gibson candidly opens up about her experiences, challenges, and triumphs, sharing the 8 principles that not only shaped her incredible career but also guided her work with the world?s biggest pop stars. Dance Your Dance is a practical guide that will help you:

  • Act on the creative spark that brings you joy
  • Move beyond the dream killers of your past
  • Persevere through the toughest moments
  • Build a team to support you on your journey
  • Empower others to realize their own dreams

Drawing on her fascinating artistic experiences and the faith that sustained her through her biggest challenges, Laurieann offers a step-by-step guide to living out your vision...because when it comes to being who God created you to be, it?s always your time to shine.

Regular price $7.20
Regular price $24.99 Sale price $7.20