By Economides, Steve

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family: Includes So Many Innovative Strategies You Won't Have to Cut Coupons

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781400202836
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You Can Save Thousands a Year on Your Grocery Bill WithoutCutting Coupons

Imagine grocery shopping once-a-week or less, eatinghealthier, and having more free time?all while saving money. Sound too good tobe true? For the Economides family, it?s a reality, and it can be yours too.

What could the average family do with an extra $3,000 ayear? America?s Cheapest Family? shows you strategies, tips, tools, and tricksin Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, so you can achieve huge savings year afteryear. It?s a fact, the Economides say, saving money on groceries is one of thequickest ways to start making a positive difference in your family?s financialfuture.

And these tips and strategies can work whether you?re shopping for seven or forone.

  • Spend less time shopping and cooking
  • Get more bang for your grocery buck
  • Plan meals for picky eaters and busy schedules
  • Discover kitchen tools that streamline meal preparations
  • Learn many ways to eat out or eat in and save big
  • Turn your freezer into a money-making machine


"Manypeople think that it's impossible to reduce your grocery bill by 50%. But youcan. Steve and Annette Economides provide step-by-step instructions in "CutYour Grocery Bill in Half." Tools that are practical and easy to follow.No special shopping or cooking skills required. Anyone can see a surprisingreduction in their grocery budget if they follow the Economides' methods. And,best of all, the savings begin right away. You don't need to finish the wholebook to benefit. You'll find money-saving ideas that you can put to use in thefirst chapter, and every chapter thereafter. Normally I advise people to check booksout of the library and save the cost of the book. But this is onedo-it-yourself guide to lower grocery bills that you'll want to have on yourbookshelf or kitchen countertop."
Gary Foreman, Publisher, The

?If you are eager to save on groceries, but don't always have the time to clipcoupons, this book is for you! It?s perfect if you're interested in more waysto cut costs, reduce waste, and get organized. This is an awesome book for thenovice or the skilled cook.?
Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper?editors of and authors of ?DiningOn A Dime Cookbook?

?I'veknown Steve and Annette for several years and they definitely live what theybelieve. If you're serious about spending less money at the grocery store, thisbook offers some practical ways to achieve your goal. When it comes tostretching your dollar, I know of no one with more experience than Steve andAnnette.?
JJ Heller?Singer/Songwriter

Regular price $4.20
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $4.20