By Allison, Dale C. Jr.

Constructing Jesus: Memory, Imagination, and History

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801048753
Type: paperback

"This is vintage Allison: masterful in his marshaling and exposition of sources, thorough in his interaction with contemporary and opposing views, and robust and persuasive in his argumentation."--James D. G. Dunn, Durham University
What did Jesus think of himself? How did he face death? What were his expectations of the future? In this volume, now in paperback, internationally renowned Jesus scholar Dale Allison Jr. addresses such perennially fascinating questions about Jesus. The acclaimed hardcover edition received the "Best Book Relating to the New Testament 2011" award from the Biblical Archaeology Society.
Representing the fruit of several decades of research, this major work questions standard approaches to Jesus studies and rethinks our knowledge of the historical Jesus in light of recent progress in the scientific study of memory. Allison's groundbreaking alternative strategy calls for applying what we know about the function of human memory to our reading of the Gospels in order to "construct Jesus" more soundly.
1. The General and the Particular: Memories of Jesus
2. More Than a Sage: The Eschatology of Jesus
Excursus 1: The Kingdom of God and the World to Come
Excursus 2: The Continuity between John the Baptist and Jesus
3. More Than a Prophet: The Christology of Jesus
4. More Than an Aphorist: The Discourses of Jesus
5. Death and Memory: The Passion of Jesus
6. Memory and Invention: How Much History?

Regular price $32.90
Regular price $55.00 Sale price $32.90