By Eller, Suzanne; Cushatt, Michele [Foreword]

Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads

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Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
ISBN: 9780764218125
Type: Paperback

Where you are going is not as important as who you go with.
Imagine that Jesus walks up to you, right now, and asks you to follow him. He doesn't tell you where, and he doesn't tell you what it will entail. He just asks you to come.
Will you say yes?
In her warm, conversational way, bestselling author and Proverbs 31 speaker Suzanne Eller shows how, when you say yes, you take a step away from the uncertainty, the to-do list, the worries and excuses. And you take a step toward the One who promises to delight and surprise, who will transform who you are, how you live, and how you impact the world.
So come. Walk with Jesus. Listen to his words. Step into the harder places of faith--but not alone. Learn who you are, but more so who he is to you.
The road will wind, your feet will get dusty. But you will discover the unexpected beauty of following where he leads. And that is worth everything.

Regular price $5.60
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $5.60