By MacKellar, Calum

Christianity and the New Eugenics: Should We Choose To Have Only Healthy Or Enhanced Children?

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Publisher: IVP UK
ISBN: 9781783599134
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First examination from a Christian perspective of the ethical implications of new eugenic procedures.

What will it mean for society if science enables us to choose a future child whose health, athletic ability or intelligence is predetermined? This future is becoming ever more likely with the latest developments in human reproduction -- but concerns are growing about the implications.

New procedures making possible heritable genetic modifications such as genome editing open the door to ?sanitized? selective eugenics; but these practices have some unnerving similarities to the discredited eugenic programmes of early twentieth-century regimes. A Christian perspective based on Scripture gives us the resources we urgently need to evaluate both current and future selection practices.

Calum MacKellar offers an accessible, inter-disciplinary analysis, blending science, history and Christian theology. This book will enable you to become fully informed about the new scientific developments in human reproduction ? developments that will affect us all.

Regular price $8.50
Regular price $18.00 Sale price $8.50