By Netland, Harold A.

Christianity and Religious Diversity: Clarifying Christian Commitments in a Globalizing Age

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Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 9780801038570
Type: Paperback

Christianity & Religious Diversity explores how religions have changed in a globalized world and how Christianity is unique among them. Harold Netland, an expert in philosophical aspects of religion and pluralism, offers a fresh analysis of religion in today's globalizing world. He addresses some central issues in understanding religion and religions today, challenging common misunderstandings of the concept of religion itself and its relation to culture. He also shows how particular religious traditions, such as Buddhism, undergo significant change with modernization, secularization, and globalization. Netland then responds to issues concerning the plausibility of Christian commitments to Jesus Christ and the unique truth of the Christian gospel in light of religious diversity and disagreement. The book concludes by considering basic principles for Christians living as Christ's disciples in religiously diverse contexts.
Combining theological resources with insights from history, religious studies, and philosophy, Christianity & Religious Diversity will be useful for professors and students in intercultural studies, world religions, and mission courses. Scholars, missionaries, and pastors will also benefit from this book.
Part 1: Religion(s) in a Modern, Globalizing World
1. Rethinking Religion(s)
2. Secularization, Globalization, and the Religions
3. Buddhism in the Modern World
4. Jesus in a Global, Postcolonial World
Part 2: Christian Commitments in a Pluralistic World
5. Can All Religions Be True?
6. On the Idea of Christianity as the One True Religion
7. Religious Diversity and Reasons for Belief
8. Living with Religious Diversity as Jesus's Disciples

Regular price $12.10
Regular price $28.00 Sale price $12.10