By Jung, Joanne J.

Character Formation in Online Education: A Guide for Instructors, Administrators, and Accrediting Agencies

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Publisher: Zondervan Academic
ISBN: 9780310520306
Type: Paperback

The unfortunate reputation of online education today is one of little or no effort on the professor's part and little or no learning on the student's part. A missing element in much online education is the kind of mutual engagement between student and instructor that provides not only a higher level of learning but also lasting character formation within the student.

Character Formation in Online Education stems from author Joanne Jung's years of experience teaching online courses with the aim of improving the teaching environment for professors and the learning environment for students. By replicating, customizing, and incorporating the best and most effective practices of what a great professor does in on-campus classes, reimagined for an online delivery system, Jung shows how a higher level of learning and transformation can be achieved through online learning communities.

Handy and practical, this user-friendly book provides guidance, helpful tools, and effective suggestions for growing learning communities in online courses that are marked by character growth in students?the kind of growth that is central to the mission of Christian higher education.

Regular price $5.60
Regular price $16.99 Sale price $5.60