By Brestin, Steve; Brestin, Dee

Building Your House on the Lord: A Firm Foundation for Family Life (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)

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Publisher: Shaw Books
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Living on Solid Ground

Most couples struggle at some point in their relationship with hard questions of marriage and family life, such as, what is God's primary purpose for marriage? What does it mean for a man to be the head of a home? Is divorce ever acceptable? How do we raise children who will love God? What does God have to say about the way we communicate, or about sexual intimacy?

Authors Steve and Dee Brestin have wrestled with these questions in their own marriage and have found that God's Word is the only reliable blue-print for marriage and family life. This study will guide you through the encouragement that the Bible gives for those relationships. Jesus told us the storms will come and batter our homes, but if we obey him, our house will stand firm.

Regular price $3.90
Regular price $7.99 Sale price $3.90