By Moreno, Lindsay Teague

Boss Up!: This Ain'€™t Your Mama'€™s Business Book

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9780785224419
Type: Hardcover

Boss Up! will help you put your business on the map and the ideas you?ve previously only dreamed about into the marketplace. Learn to overcome your fears and guilt to find a fulfillment that changes you and your family for the better? breaking free of the hard and boring and having fun along the way.

In Boss Up! Lindsay helps you gain confidence to understand that having ambition doesn?t make you a bad wife or mother. That it?s okay to have a desire for something more than endless sippy cups, clean-ups, Band-Aids, and groundings. That no matter your education or experience, you can tap into your passions and create businesses that give you increased flexibility, fulfillment, and financial security.

Lindsay doesn?t just do this through commiserating but by giving you the tools for change. Using the lessons she learned on her own path to success, Lindsay shares real, solid business principles with ten distinct success philosophies that you will encounter on the journey to entrepreneurship, such as:

  • Thinking long-term
  • Being unapologetically yourself
  • Use the ?unsales? tactic
  • Understand your ?why?

Lindsay is a stay-at-home mom turned multimillion-dollar-producing business owner, but she doesn?t just have a passion for entrepreneurship. She has a deep passion for helping women of all walks of life gain the confidence and skills to tap into their ambition and achieve success in their own business endeavors. Are you ready to Boss Up?

Regular price $6.20
Regular price $26.99 Sale price $6.20