By Schram, Natalie

Beneath the Tapestry: Embracing Unsightly Beauty While You Await Your Masterpiece.

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Publisher: Elm Hill
ISBN: 9781400324446
Type: Paperback

Beneath the Tapestry devotional walks alongside hopeful adoptive parents and families through the process of adoption and beyond. Natalie Schram shares her family's stories of completing their first home, finding adoption experts to support them, walking through the tangled mess of fear and unknowns, battling through spiritual warfare, experiencing unsightly beauty, and navigating life after placement. Beneath the Tapestry shares many details of how God weaved four adoptions into the masterpieces that they are. It's through these honest stories that many have found hope and healing.
Natalie shares how each adoption holds unique details all their own, but the universal characteristic in every adoption is that it comes from a broken place and therefore carries that brokenness with it. Beneath the Tapestry reveals as many details about the Schram's adoption journeys as possible and in a very real, honest, unique, and vulnerable way. Natalie Schram draws you in and speaks to you directly. You will feel as if you are in an actual conversation with her. You will be guided and supported through scripture, real life stories, and prayer as Natalie teaches you to love and live selflessly through the process.
Journeying through adoption four times has allowed the Schram family the joy of growing deeper in Christ while seeking God's Will for expanding their family. Beneath the Tapestry goes beyond offering support during the adoption journey and seeks to reach the heart of the reader. Beneath the Tapestry will help the reader seek a deeper relationship with Christ as they grow in their faith. Natalie's hopeful prayers are for each reader to love and support others selflessly in the midst of their journey and finish this devotional with a heart and home willing and prepared to explore the option of an open adoption.

Regular price $8.60
Regular price $17.99 Sale price $8.60