By Reyes, Michelle; Thabiti Anyabwile [Foreword]

Becoming All Things: How Small Changes Lead To Lasting Connections Across Cultures

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Publisher: Zondervan
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Healthy relationships across cultures are possible. Dr. Michelle Reyes takes a close look at the concept of cultural accommodation found in Scripture?and especially in the letter of 1 Corinthians?to redefine how Christians interact with cultural narratives that are different from their own.

Christians?whose standard of living is oneness in Christ, whose gospel is radically nonexclusive?should be at the frontlines of justice and of cross-cultural unity. But many of us struggle to reach outside of our own cultural bubbles and form real relationships that move beyond stereotypes and lead to understanding, healing, and solidarity across cultural lines.

Why is that?

  • Why is it so difficult to reconcile our call to be united in Christ with a celebration of different cultural expressions?
  • What are the reasons for cultural differences and how do they so often lead to stereotyping, appropriation, gentrification, racism, and other forms of injustice?
  • What does the Bible say about human beings as cultural image bearers?
  • How do we reevaluate our awareness of culture identity in a healthy and constructive way?

These are just some of the questions that Dr. Reyes explores as she faces the challenges surrounding cross-cultural relationships in America today and her thoughts on the way forward.

Spoiler Alert! The way forward does require willingness to change. It requires embracing cultural discomfort. But by engaging with this book, you will be empowered to learn how to become all things to all people?that is: how to reflect Jesus' love in a multicultural, multiracial body of Christ and to share that love with a hurting world.

Regular price $6.90
Regular price $22.99 Sale price $6.90